General Software Issues

***If you think you may have any software or hardware related issue, Its best to back up and restore you’re iPhone to avoid any confusion between the two.


# It is recommended that you do a diagnostic before doing any work if you are unsure on you’re issue.

*Iphone 7/7+ Dignostic $50

*Iphone 6/6+ Dignostic $40

* IPHONE 5/S/C Diagnostic?$40

*IPHONE 4/S Diagnostic $30



Software Problems

Apple logo loop ? “DFU mode” restore through iTunes, Replace Battery
Forgot lock screen passcode ? “DFU mode” restore iPhone though iTunes
Icloud Activation Lock ? You cannot bypass this security feature
Imei lock ? You cannot bypass this security feature
WiFi & Bluetooth grayed out ? WiFi chip on logic board is dead ” (common issue with iPhone 4’s)
Camera app not opening correctly ? Replace front or back facing camera
Random reboots ? logic board is defective “cannot fix”
Apps not loading correctly ? Reinstall apps from app store or restore iPhone though iTunes
Restore error ? refer the error number to Google to find a solution


Hardware Problems

Apple logo looping ? Replace Battery
Phone wont boot ? Replace Battery
Phone only works when plugged in ? Replace Battery
Touch screen not working ? Replace LCD/glass
LCD not working ? Replace LCD/glass
Charge port not working ? Replace dock/MIC flex
MIC not working ? Replace dock/MIC flex
Home key unresponsive, not working ? Replace home key flex
Lock button, volume rocker keys stuck or not working ? Replace flex cable
Speaker dull or not working ? Replace speaker
Ear speaker dull or not working ? Replace ear speaker
No service ? Call provider and make sure you’re imei is still unlocked
Bad signal range ? Replace cellular or WIFI/Bluetooth antenna
Battery draining to fast ? Restore through iTunes, Replace battery
Phone gets way to hot ? The phone will stop working within a month or so
Camera gets way to hot ? Replace camera
Water damage ? Scrape away, corrosive bath (usually still has issues)
Charge port filled with gunk ? Use pin to gently pull any out

Repair Tips:

#Use good tools to ensure you do not thread any screws.
#Be carful when removing the battery connector as the entire plug tends to come with it. “keep pressure on the plug as you pry up one end”
#Try not to bend any flex cables as they stop working properly after being bent to much.
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Screen Replacement,?Select this service if:
? Glass area is shattered or cracked.? Touch sensor is no longer working.? LCD has bleed marks, dead pixels, or is no longer showing images.